The Scalpel Blade That Reduces Incisional Wound Scar Variability- Duroc Pig Publication

The Scalpel Blade That Reduces Incisional Wound Scar Variability

Planatome Technology is an extraordinary and evolutionary improvement that elevates the cutting surfaces of scalpel blades to the level of today’s exceptional surgical professionals. Download this recently published study to learn more about the incisional wound scar variability and the scalpel wound healing benefits of our blade.

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Concerns about scar appearance resulting from surgical incisions prompted this research into scalpel blades that reduce surgical wounds and scarring. This study was designed to determine if a highly polished surgical blade would result in reduced tissue damage while comparing scarring results of a variety of standard scalpels.

Surgical Wound Healing Study Screenshot
“The highly polished blades appeared to benefit wound healing by reducing tissue damage and the inflammatory response.”

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This evolutionary scalpel blade technology is the perfect choice for any medical/surgical professional concerned about scar formation as a result of surgical incisions. Learn more about Planatome Technology, and contact our team for sales and distribution information.

Planatome Scalpel Blade
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Faster Healing, Fewer Infections

With our highly polished blades, you can expect less tissue damage, resulting in a reduced inflammatory response. This means faster surgical scalpel wound healing for the patient.

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Reduced Scarring & Wound Strength

Planatome Technology has shown a considerable decrease in scar area as compared to the control group at all time points during the study. With a less intensive scalpel wound, the wound strength increases.

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Less Pain, Reduced Nerve Damage

Pain after incisions made with the highly polished plastic surgery scalpel blades was well managed with analgesics. With plastic surgery instruments that cause less inflammation after incisions, patients can expect reduced nerve damage.

More Control and Predictability in the Surgery Room

A surgeon’s instinct would suggest that standard scalpel blades on the market today are as smooth and sharp as possible. However, when visualized under scanning electron microscopy, clear, lateral ridges and sawtooth edges are routinely seen. Imperfections such as these can create microscopic dragging forces, causing an unsuspected degree of para-incisional trauma. For patients, scarring and scalpel wound infections become a serious concern.

This research project, led by Haitao Chen, Tamara Vincer, James A. Hicks, Raphael C. Lee, and Clifford L. Spiro, was designed to determine if a highly polished surgical scalpel blade would result in reduced tissue damage, subsequent inflammation, and scarring compared to clinical standard scalpel blades. A Duroc pig surgical incision model was used to compare scarring resulting from polished standard commercial surgical blades at three levels of enhanced surface finish to commercially available blades. The animals were divided into three groups of seven by the duration of 5, 30, or 60 days post-operation. All animals survived. The pain was well managed with analgesics, and the animals ate regularly. There were no animals that developed a wound infection. The polished scalpel blades benefited scalpel wound healing by reducing the inflammatory response, which has been indicated by faster de-redness in the all polished blades.

What’s so great about polished blades? In short, polished scalpel blades have more uniform edges and a smoother surface, which causes less injury and, therefore, induces a less inflammatory response. The polished and more uniform cutting surface also addresses a common complaint from plastic surgeons — that the ragged and ground metal cutting surface employed today has a high variation in quality and consistency. The polishing process allows surgeons to perform surgery in a more controlled and predictable way, making Planatome the most elegant and effective plastic surgery scalpel on the market.

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