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The Planatome Polished Blade strengthens your practice. Quality care has forced you to embrace advancements in innovation. While you’ve invested in the best technologies for your practice, sometimes the smallest tools make a difference in levels of care.

  • Use fewer scalpels during surgery
  • Shorten operating time
  • See more predictable procedures
  • Experience more predictable outcomes
  • Increase surgery volume
  • Increase patient referral


CMP is advanced semiconductor nano-polishing technology.

As such, the Planatome Surgical Blade is an ultra-smooth and consistent precision tool.

    • Minimizes surgically induced tissue trauma
    • Eliminates the manufacturing grind defects found on all standard scalpels
    • Redefines surgical expectations for both the surgeon and patient
    • Delivers faster healing with less infection
    • Results in increased wound strength with reduced scarring
    • Minimizes pain by reducing nerve damage

1915 Technology


Grinding wheel produces a cutting edge with

high surface roughness, Ra = 5,000-50,000 nm

Side View Conventional
Side Profile, mag = 5000x
Top Down Conventional
Top Down, mag = 5000x

2022 Technology


Polishing produces a cutting edge with

low surface roughness, Ra = 5-20 nm

Side View Planatome
Side Profile, mag = 5000x
Top Down Planatome
Top Down, mag = 5000x