Instructions for Use

 Intended Use:

Planatome® Scalpels are intended for tissue separation and other procedures requiring a sharp, smooth blade to puncture or cut.


  • Planatome® scalpel blades are polished along the cutting edge using Chemical Mechanical Planarization to near atomic perfection.
  • Each Planatome® blade is intended to cut tissue up to 24 inches.


  • Ensure the cutting edge of a blade is protected against damage once removed from packaging. 
  • Do not drop the blade into a metal bowl or other container that could potentially dull or damage the blade.
  • Do not use gripping tools such as forceps or needle clamps across the cutting edge of the blade.
  • Do not apply excessive force or strain on the blade during use.
  • Employ appropriate precautions in handling the blade to prevent injury to yourself or others before, during, or after use.
  • Seek proper training and instruction on use before handling.
  • This device is for single use only. Reuse of this device may result in patient cross contamination.
  • If blade becomes dull or breaks, dispose and replace product.

 Instructions for Use:

Attaching the Surgical Blade

  1. Peel open the pouch.
  2. Grip handle end of blade with forceps or needle clamp to remove from pouch. (Do not grip across cutting edge of the blade)
  3. While gripping the thickest part of blade with forceps or needle clamp, insert the handle into blade track.
  4. Slide blade back onto handle until it clicks into position.

Note: Planatome® Scalpel blades are compatible with #3 scalpel handles.

Removing the Surgical Blade

  1. Grip bottom of blade with forceps or needle clamp and pull up to loosen blade from handle.
  2. Push blade forward from handle to remove blade. (Do not jerk the blade off the track)
  3. Dispose of blade in an approved sharps container.