Extraordinary Experience

With Planatome® Technology, the surgical experience has changed for both the surgeon and the patient. These improved scalpels help eliminate unnecessary tissue trauma to deliver a more elegant surgical experience with better results. 

The Edge of Perfection

The scalpel edge has been crafted to provide a smooth, consistent, and precise cutting surface, which has been refined to an atomic level. This represents a dramatically different approach to blade finishing. By removing the manufacturing defects from traditional scalpels, we provide an improved edge that helps to eliminate the tugging and pulling feel of traditional scalpels and provide a cleaner, more precise incision. In addition, Planatome Technology provides refined accuracy, enhanced control and reliable repeat performances that eliminate scalpel waste. This level of perfection brings a new dimension in cutting that improves the surgical experience and provides a host of benefits to the patient in healing and recovery.

Plastic Surgery Scalpel Blade Front and Center

The Reality of Use  

Until now, surgeons have had to rely on the only scalpels they have known their whole careers. But, as with any surgery, they often look to reduce variables that could lead to unsatisfactory results. Planatome Technology allows a surgeon to manage a variable that was previously not available to control. It has eliminated large defects in the scalpel blade, which ultimately delivers a better experience to the patient. Using a scalpel blade that has been perfected to an atomic level can accelerate the healing process, reduce scarring, and cause the patient less pain with less nerve damage.

Doctor explaining to patient in consultation
Surgeons operating

The scalpel has not only evolved, the surgical experience for both patient and surgeon has been redefined. Experience the extraordinary difference with Planatome Technology.