Entrepix Medical Spins Off From Parent Company, Entrepix Inc. to Bring Scalpel Blade Technology to Medical Device Market

Planatome Scalpel Blade

PHOENIX, Aug. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)Entrepix, Inc., a leading provider of chemical mechanical polishing technology to the semiconductor industry, today announced the spin-out of Entrepix Medical, LLC, as an independent company. Entrepix Medical, LLC, was originally founded in June 2017 as a subsidiary operation of Entrepix, Inc. and today it operates as its own company serving the medical device industry.

Entrepix Medical is a medical technology startup focused on applying advanced nano-polishing technology used in microchip manufacturing to surgical devices. This patented Planatome® Technology produces a radically unique, patient-focused surgical scalpel blade with an ultra-smooth, precise and consistent cutting surface that minimizes surgically induced tissue trauma.

With this breakthrough development, Entrepix Medical has expanded its executive team. Leading the team is Tim Tobin, Chief Executive Officer, who has been in the semiconductor industry for over 25 years, holding leadership, sales and technical positions at Motorola, SpeedFam-IPEC, and Metron Technology prior to co-founding Entrepix, Inc. in 1998. Entrepix Medical hired Bill Fender as its President & Chief Operating Officer, bringing extensive medical device industry experience and long-standing relationships as the former COO of Ulthera, Inc. through its $600M acquisition by Merz. The team’s Chief Technology Officer and Planatome inventor, Dr. Cliff Spiro, has an illustrious 39-year career in Research & Development, having issued 21 US Patents, 200 scientific publications, and authored three books on R&D practice.

The team’s Chief Financial Officer, David Husband, has worked as CFO and COO of private and public companies for over 20 years, namely Action Performance Companies, Inc., Vodavi Technologies, Inc., and Calence, LLC, seeing each of these companies through to acquisition. Entrepix Medical’s National Director of Sales & Marketing, Joe Ushinski, has been in the medical device industry for 13 years with extensive experience in launching aesthetic medical devices for companies such as Solta Medical, Ulthera, and Merz.

In parallel to assembling this stellar team, the Company initiated its Series A offering, securing funds to accelerate bringing Planatome’s healing benefits to the market. This $2M investment was led by the executive team and is being supplemented by investors from medical and semiconductor industries.

“With billions of scalpels sold every year and huge clinical implications for Planatome Technology, we knew this venture needed a proven C-level medical device executive to ensure success,” said Tim Tobin, Entrepix Medical CEO. “Now, with a properly funded, rockstar team in place, we are preparing for our upcoming commercial launch and genuinely excited to bring Planatome’s benefits to millions of patients around the world.”

About Entrepix Medical, LLC
Entrepix Medical is driven by a simple, compelling purpose – “Exceptional Patient Outcomes”. Founded in 2017 by leaders from the medical device and semiconductor industries, Entrepix Medical’s mission is to provide surgeons and patients with a technology driven alternative to the surgical cutting devices currently available today. With the development of Planatome® Technology by Entrepix Medical, scalpel technology will be taken from ordinary to extraordinary with a host of post-operative clinical benefits. The patented technology produces a radically unique, patient-focused surgical blade that minimizes surgically induced tissue trauma by providing an ultra-smooth, precise, and consistent cutting surface. For more information, please visit www.planatome.com.

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