Dr. Frank Agullo Speaking About Planatome® Polished Scalpel Blades at The Aesthetic Society’s Annual Meeting

Dr. Frank Agullo Speaking About Planatome® Polished Scalpel Blades at The Aesthetic Society’s Annual Meeting

The Aesthetic Society Conference | May 3, 2021, at 1:02 p.m. EDT

Known for high-quality patient care, impeccable service, and incorporation of the latest technologies at his practice, Frank Agullo, MD, FACS, will speak at The Aesthetic Society’s Annual Meeting, and we’re excited to hear him! Dr. Frank Agullo, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in El Paso, Texas, will be presenting his study around the Planatome® Polished Scalpel Blades on Monday, May 3, at 1:02 p.m. Tune in or stop by booth #1822 at The Aesthetic Meeting to learn more about the differences between a standard plastic surgery scalpel and a polished blade, and get more details related to Dr. Agullo’s research.

The Planatome® scalpel blade redefines the experience for plastic surgeons, providing a smooth, consistent, and precise cutting surface designed to improve your patients’ outcomes. Dr. Frank Agullo’s research, in addition to other clinical scalpel studies and publications, is proving its benefits.

The Aesthetic Meeting 2021
April 29 – May 3, 2021
Miami Beach Convention Center & Online
1901 Convention Center Dr,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Meet Dr. Frank Agullo

Dr. Frank Agullo is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in El Paso, Texas. His plastic surgery practice covers both reconstructive and cosmetic fields, such as reconstructive surgery of the breast, congenital malformations of the ear, cleft lip, and palate. Prior to building his private practice at Southwest Plastic Surgery, Dr. Agullo received his M.D. degree from Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City and trained in general surgery at Texas Tech University. Dr. Agullo then completed plastic surgery training at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

To date, Dr. Agullo holds the title of clinical associate professor of plastic surgery at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Paul L. Foster School of Medicine as well as affiliate professor at the University of Texas at El Paso. His expertise and experience are clear, helping patients visualize their outcomes and deliver natural-looking results post-surgery.

Dr. Agullo has an extensive number of publications and presentations in the field of plastic surgery, nationally and internationally. Recently, he won Top Aesthetic Doctor and Top Plastic Surgeon West in the Aesthetic Everything® 2020 Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards.

Presentation at The Aesthetic Meeting 2021

During the Aesthetic Society’s 2021 Meeting in Miami, Fla., Dr. Frank Agullo will be presenting three-month data related to his study, “A Multi-Site, Double-Blinded Randomized Comparison of Scar Formation After the Use of a Standard Surgical Blade Compared to the Use of a Polished (Planatome®) Blade.” The information that Dr. Agullo shares will further our understanding of the Planatome scalpel blade technology and capabilities (better scar healing, improved wound healing, and fewer infections, and more), which is an improvement for both plastic surgeons and patients!