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Our goal is to bring existing medical tools & technology to a never-before-seen level of performance that delivers extraordinary benefits.

This amazing new milestone in surgical history is expressed in three critical areas of performance: The Technology, The Experience and The Outcomes.

We Don’t Manufacture the Scalpel, We Perfect It

Tim Tobin

Chief Executive Officer

Tim has been in the semiconductor industry for over 25 years holding leadership, sales, and technical positions at Motorola, SpeedFam-IPEC, and Metron Technology, prior to co-founding Entrepix, Inc., in 1998. Tim has a master’s degree in Microelectronic Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics from State University of New York at Geneseo.

Bill Fender

President & Chief Operating Officer

Bill has over 30 years of experience in the medical device industry. For 19 years he held various executive leadership, operations, and R&D roles at Johnson & Johnson with the majority of his time working within J&J’s Ethicon Division. Bill was also part of the executive team that took Ulthera, Inc., an aesthetic device company, from start-up through a $600M acquisition by Merz Pharma Group. He remained on post-acquisition as CEO of Merz’s US-based Device Integration Center before re-entering the start-up medical device world. Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Akron.

Cliff Spiro, Ph.D.

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Spiro has had an illustrious 39-year career in Research & Development with executive leadership roles at General Electric, Nalco, and Cabot Microelectronics. He has issued 21 US Patents, 200 scientific publications, has authored three books on R&D practice, serves on six corporate boards (public & private), and is a 2018 inductee to the National Academy of Engineering. Dr. Spiro received his Doctorate in Chemistry from Caltech and his bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Stanford University.

Read Dr. Spiro’s Recent Publications

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Scalpel Edge Roughness Affects Post-Transection Peripheral Nerve Regeneration With PLANATOME TECHNOLOGY, the surgical experience has changed for both the surgeon and the patient — for the better! Our improved surgical blades help eliminate the surgically induced tissue trauma by providing a more refined surgical incision. DOWNLOAD THIS RECENTLY PUBLISHED STUDY to learn more about the […]

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The Scalpel Blade That Reduces Incisional Wound Scar Variability Planatome Technology is an extraordinary and evolutionary improvement that elevates the cutting surfaces of scalpel blades to the level of today’s exceptional surgical professionals. Download this recently published study to learn more about the incisional wound scar variability and the scalpel wound healing benefits of our […]

David Husband

Chief Financial Officer

David has worked as CFO and COO of private and public companies for over 20 years, namely Action Performance Companies, Inc., Vodavi Technologies, Inc., and Calence, LLC, seeing each of these companies through to acquisition. He is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Arizona and he received a bachelor’s degree in Finance & Accounting from Humboldt State University.

Our extraordinary journey begins with exceptional technology experience

Entrepix Medical, LLC,  was originally founded in June 2017 as a subsidiary of Entrepix, Inc. Today it operates as its own and separate company serving the medical device industry.

Entrepix, Inc. (Entrepix) began in 1998 and today still serves the semiconductor and related industries as a leading provider of Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) production, integration, and optimization services, and also renews technology for existing and emerging CMP users by refurbishing semiconductor equipment or adapting the equipment for use in novel applications, such as airbag sensors and photovoltaics.

Entrepix offers an industry leading CMP and wafer surface conditioning technology portfolio and delivers complete solutions from development and integration through full-scale production. Entrepix has a solid track record of growth and stability in an industry with exacting demands of its suppliers and partners. It serves a long and growing list of customers that includes many of the world’s most prominent integrated circuit (IC) manufacturers.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Entrepix operates a 38,000 square foot facility housing its CMP foundry and equipment remanufacturing facilities. For more information on Entrepix, Inc., please visit www.entrepix.com.

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Well beyond ordinary, Planatome Technology infuses atomic level precision into 100-year-old surgical instrument technology, producing ultra-smooth, molecularly refined cutting surfaces, which yield extraordinary results.